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Summary of your Five Element Chart:-

Main Element Strong Wood
Main Element Destruction Element Water
Destruction Assistance Element Metal
Main Element Production Element Metal
Elements that kill your Destruction Element Earth
Elements that kill your Destruction Assistance Element Fire
Exhaust your Main Element Fire

Analysis of your Five Element Chart:-

Main Element

    The main element you have selected is Strong Wood.

Unfavourable Element

    1. Wood will further strengthen your main Element (Wood) which is already Strong.
    2. Water will over-strengthen your main Element (Wood) which is already Strong by producing more Wood.

Favourable Element

    1. Strongest Cure

      Earth destroys Water which helps strengthen your main element (Wood).

    2. Direct Cure

      Metal helps to control your main element (Wood) by destroying it.

    3. Indirect Cure

      Fire exhausts your main element (Wood) by allowing Wood to produce Fire.

Element Cures
Metal metallic objects like chrome, stainless steel, decorative bronze and silver and any other metal objects.
Water fabrics in blue, grey, black leather and blue paintings e.g. sea scenes
Wood plants, wooden furniture and wooden objects.
Fire more warm colours, light and heating
Earth plants or yellow fabrics or yellow paints and painting

    Note 1: This report is best used with the Pillars of Destiny in finding the best cures for your Element (eg. Strong Earth) or for finding the cures for a particular "inauspicious period in your year."

    Note 2: For this cures to be accurate, the knowledge of your Element Strength is very important for determining the right cures.

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