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What is my Personal Feng Shui Element?

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This personalized report is prepared for Samuel Richard:-

    Gender: Male
    Date of Birth: 06 Mar 1970 between 3.00 p.m. to 4.59 p.m.

Chinese Lunar Date of Birth:-

    Lunar Date of Birth is 1970, 1st month, 29 day, between 3.00 p.m. to 4.59 p.m.

    Your Eight Characters of Birth Chart will be generated using Lunar Calendar as opposed to Seasonal Calendar (Xia Li Calendar or some like to call Chinese Solar). This has been found to be more accurate as it is able to see the blind and missing dates as opposed to the Seasonal Calendar.

    Difference in chart will only occur in the Month Pillar when Xia and Lunar are different. People who fall in this period are considered as blind dates not seen by Xia, as such pushing the month one pillar before.

    From our many testing with the two versions, it has shown that the Lunar chart produced a more accurate reading of their luck pillars. Especially, since many of the needed reference to the seasonal calendar has been taken into the analysis when necessary. Thus, the Lunar Chart has been choosen by Geomancy.Net for analysing a person's Pillars (Ba Zi).

Your Eight Characters of Birth Chart:-

Animal Sign
Heavenly Stem (HS)
Earthly Branch (EB)

yin Wood

yin Metal

yang Earth

yang Wood

yang Metal

yang Earth

    This report is not supposed to be a full Pillars of Destiny Report, as such only limited info will be provided for your reference. The report will fully analyse your chart based on Day, Month, Year, House of Conception, Hour & House of Life pillars inclusive of all the combination and clashes changing your elements in your chart.

    Hour and House of Life are only calculated if the Time of Birth is made known. However, you will only see the Day, Month, Year being displayed in the chart above. For the full detailed pillars, you have to obtain the full Pillars of Destiny report.

Initial Summary of your Eight Characters of Birth Chart:-

    These are the basic pre-analysed information about your Eight Characters of Birth Chart.

Birth Element

    Your Heavenly Stem of the day pillar is yin yi, therefore you are regarded overall as a "Wood person".

    This means that out of the Five Elements (Metal, Water, Wood, Fire & Earth) you belong to the Wood element. This is constantly changing everyday in a particular year.

    This is more accurate than assuming that you are Earth element which is commonly assumed as the year of your Lunar Birth Date is shu. This is not accurate because everyone has a different influence in a particular day for that particular year. Thus, your most accurate Feng Shui element is based on your Pillars's Day element.

    Please read on to discover whether you are a weak or a strong Wood element.

The Season's Influence on your Elements

    You are born in the Spring Season, when Wood element is Strongest. During this season, your Main Element Wood is Strongest and your supporting element Water is Weak. The Metal element that destroys your Main Element is Weakest and Earth element that is supporting it is Extremely Weak.

    This is season that you are born in based on your Chinese Lunar Calendar which utilises the Seasonal Calendar to determine which months are assocated with which of the 4 seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter). These seasons may or may not be the same seasons which you are experiencing, as not all places have all four seasons. But during that time of birth that seasonal influence is in fact affecting that Chinese Lunar month and is how Pillars (Ba Zi) utilised the balance in nature based on the seasonal strengths of each element in different Seasons.

    In each season, there is a dominant element which guides that period. For example, when Earth is strongest, Water will be extremely weak, Fire will be weak, etc. These means that if Water (which normally destroys Fire) is extremely weak due to the season. It is too weak to even destroy the weak Fire.

    This is extremely important in analysing your true birth element's strength.

Your Personal Feng Shui Element

    Your Birth Element is the Wood element. You were born in the Spring season, when your Wood element was Strongest. You have an additional 0 Wood Element to supplement your Main Element. You have 3 Water Element that help your Main Element to grow. You have 3 Metal Element that destroy your Main Element. You have 4 Earth Element to supplement the Metal Element. Therefore, your Birth Element is a Strong Wood.

    Click here to check up the favourable and unfavourable elements using the Five Element Cures Module.

    There is a difference in a weak element compared to as strong element. For example, a weak wood is like a small plant, while a strong wood is like a big tree. Just imagine Metal as an object (axe), trying to destroy wood. Axe can chop down a small plant in one blow. Whereas, it will take a lot more effort to chop down a big tree.

    Understanding the above, you will then realised that a weak person, is easily destroyed by the normal destructive elements such as metal destroy weak wood, water destroy weak fire, etc. However, a strong person will be able to withstand the destructive elements. Thus, metal is unable to destroy strong wood easily, while water is unable to extingush fire easily.

    Influences in your life as a weak person will be different from that of a strong person. Similarly, the favourable elements for a weak person will also differ from a strong person.

    In Feng Shui, be it the Yin & Yang or the Five Element or Qi(C'hi), the objective is to create a most balance environment. Yin & Yang and the Five Elements are essentially a form of Qi which is more easily expressed or mathematically deduced. Thus, knowing your Personal Feng Shui element, will allow you to relate yourself other parts or other Feng Shui explanation of the environment. Giving you the tool & understanding you need to create harmony in your life.

    It is this constantly changing influence in the Yin & Yang or the Five Element combination in your life, your family, your career, your marriage, your health and more, that creates the ups & downs that everyone is facing.

    Thus, in general, a weak person should try to strengthen his weak self. While a strong person, should try to weaken his strong self. This is assuming that other external factors such as a person's spouse element or house element or career elements, is not considered into the analysis. Any of these external influence when analysed together with your element may cause you to be in balance (having good luck and fortune periods) or unbalance (having bad luck or unfortunate periods).

    Click here to check up the favourable and unfavourable elements using the Five Element Cures Module.

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